Jeffery's Mansion - Bexley, OH - Julie + Nate

Julie and Nate met us at Jeffery's Mansion in Bexley, OH for their session. As we were pulling up to the park, raindrops started falling ever so lightly. By the time it was time for their session to start the rain had tapered off and a beautiful fall day emerged. Julie and Nate wanted a special session to carry on a family tradition Julie's family started. Each of her siblings have had pre-engagement photo sessions with their significant other, documenting their love. And now it was Julie's turn! Julie first met Nate at his sister's wedding. When asked what helped their relationship to grow Nate further explained that he was smitten not only with Julie's beauty, but also her mild temper, and spirit of encouragement - she helps him to be the best version of himself. Julie also, spoke very highly of Nate, she loved his kindness, and told stories of this loyalty and supportive nature.  

We were so grateful to play a small part in carrying on a family tradition and it was truly beautiful to listen to them recount the tales of their ups and downs and how they've supported each other through them all. 

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