Shchiller Park - Columbus, OH - Mike + Chrissy

It was a cold fall afternoon, and we spent it in one of the best ways possible; photographing the love and commitment between Mike and Chrissy. J. Luis and I had a wonderful time with Mike and Chrissy during their recent day after session at sunset in German Village at Schiller Park .

We love working with couples who are looking for a session where they can connect and feel comfortable with one another in a way that is not always possible during the hustle and bustle of their wedding day. It's also a great reason to get dressed up again and head to out for a fun afternoon as newlyweds. That's one of the reasons why we offer Day After Sessions and Bridal sessions. It doesn't have to take place the literal day after the wedding - but often that's easiest. 

The fall colored leaves at the park were quickly dwindling so we were so pleased to find spots with beautiful colors. When asked what her favorite part of being married is, Chrissy replied that she likes waking up on Sunday mornings to make breakfast for Mike and that she is truly happy to be married to her best friend. As Mike reflected on his first month of marriage he said "My beautiful bride, has been an even more beautiful wife and partner to me thus far. I couldn't be happier to have her bear my name, and [I am] privileged to be called her husband." It was freezing during our session but you can't tell by the looks of these two love birds. They have their love to keep them warm... and it's giving me all the feels. <3

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