Mr. + Mrs. Martinez Travel - Chicago

Jose Luis and I love traveling and exploring new places for work and for fun. Before we got married it was something we both did often. After our wedding our focus shifted to our adventure together and learning new things about each other and less about finding new places. But We've both been wanting to get back into traveling and planning new adventures - this time together. Our first anniversary seemed like the perfect time to start something new! So just this past weekend we took a trip to Chicago, and boy was it marvelous! - Here are a few phone snaps of our trip.

We stayed in the gold coast neighborhood, near lake Michigan at a hotel called PUBLIC, the view from our suite was spectacular. Anybody who knows me, know how much I love all white home decor! Finding this place was like a dream. The fireplace, the window coverings, did I mention the view? Oh, I was in love.

One of the ways we like to get to know a new place is through... FOOD! We called Hash House a GO GO, ahead for a pick up order to eat our breakfast on the private terrace of our room, I ordered their salmon and brie scramble, so divine. 

We walked a block or so to get a closer look at the lake.

Luis had his first taste of deep dish pizza while we were in town at Lou Malnatis! YUM. Later, we ubered (yes, ubered) for the first time while we were there to our dinner reservation on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Center at The Signature Room, stunning views and spectacular food. 

There was so much that we would have loved to do that we didn't get a chance to this visit, but I guess that just means we need to go again! ^.~

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