because Growing is forever

Sharing is caring, right? Well, sharing is also hard. But, today I'm getting out of my comfort zone and I'm giving you a glimpse of some of my insecurities, because let's face it we all have them and they affect each of us differently (and the same).

 Everytime I approach a new project I have these nagging fears and I feel full of self doubt. But as the day goes on my confidence returns. Once I get back and look at the images I created, I constantly find things I could have changed, taking one step forward, having my subjects step to the left, bending a finger just a little bit more, paying just a little more attention to the light. So many things I could have done differently. But as I keep examining them and with a bit of encouragement from my husband (thanks babe ^.~) I look past the things I want to change and see the images for what they are - images showcasing the strength, kindness and love of some really amazing couples.

Then when it comes to the sharing of this beautiful final product, that I worked hard on and love and want the world to love, and all those feelings of self doubt come back. This year I challenged by self to take on those feeling head on by sharing my work not just with my wonderful clients, but by also trying to sharing my work with as many people as possible through online publication on wedding blogs. Some wedding blogs only publish 3% of the submissions they receive. Which meant in my mind, I could be setting my self up for a lot of rejection. Still, every project that I worked on for the past year, I submitted for publication. So what happened? I am so pleased to say that my work has been published 5 times in the past year! Wow! So even though I haven't completely rid my self of doubts and fears. I can confidently continue on knowing I took risks, I put myself out there and I worked to face my fear of rejection head on and I and my work is all the better for it! Moving forward, I plan to continue to put myself in situations where I can continue to grow, because growing is forever. 

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