North Bank Park Pavilion - Downtown Columbus, OH - Jessica + Dean

Jessica and Dean met through Jessica's best friend / sister in law, Leslie. Once Leslie introduced them, as Jessica put it they "clicked right away."  When Jessica told me that while planning their wedding, she and Dean were also working on a renovation project in Blanchester, OH I was impressed. I mean, say what! It was totally like a real life HGTV show. Can you say #couplegoals!? Their love was definitely evident during their intimate Monday wedding, it filled the event. I could see how they were both true compliments to one another. It was a joy to celebrate their loyalty and document their commitment alongside all of their family and friends. You know it's going to be a good day when you walk into the reception area and there's a donut bar, then halfway through couples portraits, the Groom offers you beer braised pork belly and cold coke in the glass bottle (you know, the one with real cane sugar) fresh from his food truck! Dreams do come true.  Dean and Jessica chose North Bank Park Pavilion for its charm.  A charming spot indeed, the space is cozy and warm yet very modern, it also allows for loads of natural light because it's basically made of windows (totally my jam!) and it incorporates cityscape, and railroad bridge in the background. The day was laid back, flexible, and full of love... and of course a lot of laughter. Jessica's love of bold, rich colors really shined not only in her bouquet, but the flowers in the center pieces as well. 

During our conversations before the wedding,  Jessica shared with me, why photography was so important to her and Dean. 'Photography is about capturing moments and [our wedding] is definitely a day full of moments we want to keep. Dean and I both really like your photography style, it feels eclectic and romantic.' Many of my clients feels nervous or unsure, and worry about awkwardness in front of the camera, but I reassure them that no one could feel more awkward than I do, because I'm the queen of all things awkward and strange when it comes to social interactions. Then I ask them to try to relax and  try their best go with the flow. The results... well, once we all relax a little into the situation, we can create the most marvelous images. Dean and Jessica really gave me the freedom to try out new ideas, to follow the the light and of course get a little weird. I appreciate their trust in me, Dean kept saying " we're clay in your hands." Thankfully not literally, because I've never been a very successful potter.


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