Columbus, OH - Natural Light Photography - Spring Cherry Blossom Portraits

Today, I wanted to share a little bit of my personal work with you all. You may not know this already, but I love pink. Like, love love pink. (even our wedding colors were cream with blush roses and J. Luis wore a navy suit. Ah! take me back.) So when I was out peddling on my little bike, last Sunday and came across these blossoming trees; I fell in love and immediately! I did a little research and found out they're a variety of japansese cherry blossom tree - Prunus serrulata Kwanzan to be a little more exact, so that one day when we have our own home, I'll know just the right tree to plant in the yard. Swoon.

 Rewind a couple months back to winter and boy was I feeling blah, beyond blah. Since spring is now upon us, I have more energy, more motivation, and I'm just so happy that the days are longer and warmer. Yesterday J. Luis and I even got out a took a walk. It was so nice just strolling through the neighborhood together, and blowing the dandelions we found in the field next to our house. 

Ok, so back to the trees! The wheels in my head started spinning because I knew I had to find a way to photograph them. Enter friends! Alexandra was so kind to let me try out some of my ideas with her (thank you sweet girl) and I really enjoyed our evening together. Playing in flowers, making portraits and sharing laughs. This is what Sundays are for... connecting, sharing, creating.  Looking forward to my adventure.

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