Groveport, Ohio - In-Home Natural Light Anniversary Session - LaNae + Luis


Imagine a rainy Sunday afternoon, spent indoors with your love, drinking hot cocoa (or coffee!), and sharing cuddles, listening to jams. Sounds amazing right!? That's exactly how J. Luis and I spent an afternoon recently, and it was delightful.  For a long time I've wanted to document our life together more. We're working on our third year of marriage and our 5th year together; that's an accomplishment that I think is worth documenting, so that we can, and so that generations of our family to come can look back and see us, who we were, how we loved and just our everyday life during this time.  Recently, I've really gotten into home portrait sessions. We did our first last year with a couple and their new baby! I fell in love with the authenticity and the real "this is who we are", "this is where we are" and "this is us" feeling home sessions give that is so unique. So that's what we did, even though we celebrated our 2nd anniversary in Toronto, we documented our love, life and loyalty at home, a glimpse into where we are in life at this moment. So happy to share this time in our lives with you. Oh, and that book we have is the cocktail recipe book I got him for our anniversary. Theres a recipe for a drink in there, and it's called "The Martinez."