Knoxville, TN - Market Square - Natural Light Photography - Carly + Michaell

Our session was in downtown Knoxville, TN in the market square area. The weather was unusually cold and rainy that day. But you can't tell by the smiles and the warmth on the faces of Carly and Michaell. We've known Carly for years. In fact, she was a major reason that J. Luis and I happened to meet one Friday night at a sushi restaurant in Mexico, so many years ago. So, when we had the opportunity to make photographs for her and her husband Michaell, we couldn't pass it up. After a having lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe (which by the way has the best biscuits and champagne pancakes I've ever tasted) we headed out to make heirloom images that captured the 'beauty of their everyday love, loyalty and life'.

Here's how Michaell describes their proposal story:

knoxville TN photography - elle martinez - CUADROS -20.jpg
"My family was coming from Peru and I thought it would be a good opportunity to ask her first. I talked to her father and asked his permission. He gave me "the talk" but then told me I had his blessing. The next day, I went with a friend and Tonya, Carly's mom to buy the ring, I was excited. When I saw it, I knew it was the perfect ring for her.
Then came the day, February 16. We have plans to pick up my family at the airport, but they missed their plane and weren'table to come until later.  I was sad, but I didn't want to wait any longer, so we stuck with the plan! I had all of her family and a few close friends at the restaurant waiting. She thought it was just a dinner for my family.

Carly gives us a few more details. 'My sister Aubrey and a friend of ours, went to the restroom and when we came out nobody was in the room. They were all outside looking over the balcony to the lake. Aubrey says: 'I what they're doing.' and I reply 'I bet it's just birds' and she says 'Let's go look'. We go outside, and there's a red rose at the top of the stairs with candles all down the stairs. I look over the side of the balcony and see Michaell standing in front of a beautiful floral arch. On the pathway is a rose with a note attached to it about "el pasado", the past. Then at the bottom of the stairs is another note about the present, I walk to Michael and he hands me a bouquet of flowers and read the last note about our future  and when he finished he gets down on one me and asks me to marry him.'

I asked them, what advice they had for couples? And they replied: "Remember that you're coming from two different ways of life. Not everything will be the same, like the way you do things or even the way you think. This can be hard at times, but it's always better to be yielding. Always communicate to find the best outcome. Getting angry doesn't help anything. If you do get angry, fix the problem as soon as possible. Learn to see your spouse as your best friend and talk to them about everything so they know your feelings. Keep doing the little things that made you fall in love for all the months and years of your marriage.