Celebrating the Launch of B.Sweet Organics' New Line

Within the last few years, I've started getting more into reading labels, being conscious of the foods that I eat, the ingredients that I used on my skin the fragrances I use in our home. In an effort to cut down on synthetic dyes and fragrances I began diffusing essential oils, I also began a hunt for soy based candles scented with essential oils (because you can't beat the romance of a lovely scented candle). So I was really excited to hear that a friend of mine was creating quality candles and bath products for her new line at b.sweet organics. The real cherry on top was chatting with this girl boss, exchanging ideas and helping her to launch her new line to share with the world! 

Brooke, the founder, after being diagnosed with a hormonal disorder, began to 'look into not only what she put in her body but also what she put on it. She discovered how many chemicals and synthetic ingredients are in the products she use'd on a daily basis.' This lead to the creation of b.sweet organics. Brooke says "I wanted to create a line of home products where I could actually pronounce the ingredients and that contributed to a healthier me. At b.sweet, we use natural, organic and vegan ingredients. We believe in non-toxic formulas to create the products in our whole line." 

You can read her blog here and purchase the items from the new line here. My favorite is the orange vanilla bar soap. Smells so divine!


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