Mr + Mrs Martinez Travel - East Tennessee

Recently we took a road trip to east Tennessee to visit our family which was amazing! While we were there we explored all that small town living had to offer - including drive in the countryside, checking out the a few parks, the beautiful fields and wildflowers and all the animals along the way. We also took trips to a well known big box store, so we could use their lovely orange wall as a backdrop for a few selfies. ^.~ Luis had his first experience with Chic-Fil-A! I think he's hooked, which is a ok with me because I love chicken sandwiches, especially their spicy chicken version. Oh, and we found a area in town with tasty tacos and a panaderia! Score!  While we traveling Luis and I also, met up with some friends, another couple who live in TN and just returned from visiting Peru not too long ago. We shared crepes in the cutest little french themed restaurant, and while our husbands debated the merits of beards Carly and  I shared laughs about our fondness for emma stone's character in one of the spiderman movies and how sad the ending made us; and we laughed because the guys just couldn't understand how we were so emotionally invested in a character, it was just a movie after all. But boy did it REAL. haha! All in all, it was a great trip. Can't wait to do it all again! Thankfully, Luis graciously lets me keep singing in the car! <3

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