Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is your photography style?

A: We are natural light photographers, and we focus on capturing the details of the day as well as quiet and meaningful moments to showcase each couples unique love story.

q: Do you only shoot weddings?

A: In addition to weddings, we also shoot, anniversaries, engagements, bridal portraits, day after portraits, and lifestyle sessions - including newborns.  Have something specific in mind? Please contact us. 

Q: I emailed you, when can i expect a response?

A: Thank you so much for taking the time to send a message. We work hard to respond to each email within 24 to 48 hours, Tuesday through Friday. If haven't heard from us within that timeframe please feel free to send us another note. 

Q: We're looking for { insert service or item here } for our wedding, do you know of anyone who could help?

A: Yes! Check out our list of awesome friendors! If you can't find what you're looking for feel free to  send us a note and we'll try to help you out!


Q: Why is the space we get ready in important?

Wedding days are busy, emotional and wonderful all at once and we want to capture all of it. You've given careful thought to creating beauty each aspect of your day, the space that you get ready in should be no different.

Q: what should we consider when choosing a space to get ready in?

A: Clutter and natural or window light. Choose a space that has lots of natural light! Being natural light photographers, we prefer to work using natural light as the only light source; if the space you choose has enough natural light we won't even need to use any artificial lights - awesome!  Remember too, to gather all your physical details so that they're easily accessed for styled shots - rings, invitations, boutonnière, jewelry, handwritten notes or letters, bouquet, etc.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for a space to get ready in?

A: Airbnb is a great resource to use when scouting out locations to get ready in! LaNae loves browsing their listings in her spare time.


Q: what is a "first look" Shoot?

A: We recommend each of our couples consider a "first look" shoot,  this is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day before the ceremony. 

Q: Why do you recommend we do a first look shoot?

A: It is such a special moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time, first looks gives you chance to have that quiet private moment together before the ceremony.  First looks also allow us to be able to do your formal family portraits / group portraits  before the ceremony as well, which really helps your timeline flow smoothly after the ceremony. Each couple  is unique, and while we do recommend including a first look shoot, the choice is left completely up to you two. 



Q:Do you have any tips for group portraits?

A: While group and family  portraits can be done after the ceremony, the best time for these portraits is actually before the ceremony after your first look. In either case, please designate a person who can assistant in gathering and grouping people for portraits during this time. 



 Q: what are your recommendations for couples portraits? 

A: We encourage each of our couples to schedule two times for couples portraits. First, right After the ceremony and before the reception and again in the beautiful light, right before the sun sets ! We recommend taking around 30 mins each time to whisk the new mr + mrs  away, where we  carve out a moment to have a intimate session outside of the days busy events. There, the focus will be on you two, the newly married couple, feeling comfortable and confident while we create beautiful images to capture your love for each other on this momentous occasion. This is the time that we'll be able to capture those lovely quiet moments like you've seen showcased in our work!  We love capturing those moments so much.




When we're indoors during the day the more natural light the better! While we're indoors at night, soft light from candles and twinkle or bistro lights, is wonderful and oh so romantic.  Just keep in mind that since we don't use flash there would need to be enough soft light so that we can capture your special moments. When we're outside, overcast, full shade or soft light - during sunset are all ideal.

Please ask your DJ to wait to turn on their colorful party lights until after your special dances.  


We encourage our couples to speak with their caterer beforehand to arrange for us to be served or go through the buffet as soon as dinner begins. This allows us a chance to eat quickly and then be ready to capture any dances or speeches that might happened during or directly following dinner.


If you are interested, the blog, A Practical Wedding has a wonderful article with more tips!